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                                                                        Domains are nothing but names in themselves.

                                                                        Function is much more intriguing.
















                                                                        Hundreds of new gTLDs arriving this year –  all shapes and sizes.

                                                                        There´s a perfect web identity for everyone. 




About Us

Welcome. Here’s what we do:

DomainDiction is a marketing and PR consultancy, solely dedicated to Top Level Domains. We are specialists in delivering critically effective outsourced marketing and usage programs for existing and new TLDs.

As a boutique agency, we work closely with our clients who range from multi-portfolio new gTLD applicants to new Entrepreneurs that have recently entered the dizzy world of Top Level Domains. Conversant in many languages, we provide International clients with a direct strategy roll out into key European markets. As a HubSpot partner we harness the power of Inbound Marketing, we inform clients exactly where their success emanates from and where to target precious effort and resources.

We excel at visual, video and written content. Video attracts attention and allows our clients to express themselves to a currently bewildered audience and more importantly, to communicate their unique Top Level Domain sales message more clearly and effectively. Our strength and usefulness lies in our ability to quickly identify problem areas and manage those areas, such as Public Relations; How to market your TLD; Marketing your domains in Europe (France, UK, Germany and Spain in particular); Quality content that interests buyers; How to successfully launch your new gTLD.

Our Skills

Media Relations
Media Relations
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
High Impact Video & Copywriting
High Impact Video & Copywriting
Digital Brand Communications
Digital Brand Communications
Strategic Marketing Consultancy
Strategic Marketing Consultancy
Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing


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1442Generic Applications
625Brand Applications
108Geographic & Cultural Applications
1The only gTLD Marketing Agency, DomainDiction

With the launch of over 1000 new gTLDs there will be an indexing of the Internet.

This will change everything about how we find and search for things online.
DomainDiction is the only marketing and PR agency solely dedicated to the domain industry. We know this landscape and see where it's going.
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gTLD Strategies for Newcomers

If your organisation would benefit from managing your own Top Level Domain, for heightened security, tighter intellectual

property control over your online brands and a more authoritative approach to your online presence, please get in touch to
discuss how you can apply for your TLD in the next round to be announced soon by ICANN.
We are also available to discuss how you can use the new TLDs currently available for strategic marketing advantages.


Our recent .GLOBAL launch

Introducing .GLOBAL Video – Global Domination, produced by DomainDiction.

.GLOBAL is a new Top-Level-Domain that identifies you as being a Global organization
.GLOBAL makes a definitive positioning statement signalling your International business operations – a strong and important message for organizations of all sizes who aim to transact on a global platform. .GLOBAL renders geographical boundaries as meaningless. Here is an opportunity for businesses to elevate and strategize to a higher level.

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Our Inbound Marketing Services


Strategic Planning

Maximizing your results and achieving your goals starts with a plan.

Campaign Development

Building the tools needed to optimize your marketing and put your plan into action.

Drive Traffic

Boost your brand visibility, prove your expertise, and kick-start your TLD opportunities.

Convert Leads

Capture critical information on your visitors in order to engage and fill your sales funnel.

Grow Sales

Implement marketing automation to nurture leads through your funnel, shorten your sales cycle, and increase your sales opportunities.

Marketing Analysis

Remove the guesswork! Powerful analytics enable you to understand the ROI of every marketing activity.


just type dd logo +  HubSpotLogo_Dark_Web_Flat = your inbound marketing team 

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Our new ‘Leaders of the DNS’ video series

Our new video series gets us up close and personal with the leaders of the DNS. This video series enables these leaders to tell their business story in a personal interview with us, the Domain Industry’s PR and communication specialists.

We are continually impressed by the innovation being shown by the CEOs in our industry and the instrumental roles they have played in bringing about this unprecedented Internet evolution. Such foresight and accomplishment is newsworthy and should be documented.

The DNS Leadership Series is a collection of in-depth interviews where we probe the personality behind the organisation, the journey, what’s happening now in their organizations, and most importantly, what the future holds.

We will conduct a maximum of 12 interviews, so be sure to get in touch so you don’t miss out.

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We talk with our clients frequently, sharing ideas, results and strategies. We’re also talking with media across many vertical markets, businesses, agencies and our next door neighbours and friends. Anyone that will listen quite frankly.



Translating the benefits of a TLD in a way each culture and country needs to hear it. Between us, our team speaks over 10 languages.



Our goal is to spread the message of the new gTLD through business influencers, early adopters and Internet enthusiasts like us.

User Testimonials

  • If you want marketing results in the new top-level domain space, you need to hire DomainDiction. I get calls every day from people claiming to be “marketing experts” but really there is only one group that understands the unique needs of top-level domains and pairs it with a thorough knowledge of marketing and PR. Their smarts, nimbleness and ability to deliver great results on-budget makes them the obvious choice for anyone seeking to promote a new top-level domain.

    Antony Van CouveringMinds + MachinesWebsite
  • DomainDiction has been instrumental in helping us promote our brand and expand industry and general market awareness.  They were our strategic partner of choice for coordinating our exclusive .UNO launch event in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the latest ICANN meeting.  The event created a lot of buzz and excitement which attracted media and Internet industry attention.  As a leading world class brand promoter, DomainDiction has clearly made us stand out as creative and innovative thought leaders within the Internet community and, as a result, we have gained new client opportunities, strategic partnerships and global media attention to strengthen our brand.  DomainDiction is a premier brand promoter and focuses on first class execution and delivery of their client’s expectations.

    Shaul Jolles.UNOWebsite

Brands We Work With

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Our .Uno launch

DomainDiction produced this video for Unodominio to promote the new home for the online Latin/Hispanic market. .Uno launched it’s promotional activity in 2013 and intends to go live in early 2014. Our .Uno video received a massive 1.4 million views on Youtube.

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