It all starts with a name

In five years the new domains will be used by everyone, everywhere, in every language. Changing consumer habits takes time. New technology adoption takes more time. But the Internet is in the process of evolving towards a better defined naming system where businesses and consumers can chose names that make more sense for what they are doing online. Names like .Blog, .News, .Global, .Fashion, and even very niche names like .Fishing, tell an Internet user MORE about what they will find on the site. That makes better sense for searching and finding things online. That makes better sense for the evolution of the Internet. 

DomainDiction is a PR and Marketing agency dedicated to the new domains. We work with the domain extension owners (the TLD registry) to define the campaigns, marketing strategy and communications programs that will bring those domains to life. 

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the internet is being upgraded

Internet addresses now accommodate every language, every geographic region, every culture and every function you will find online. Use the new names to better define your online presence, sharpen or extend your branding, or simply create more doors to your business through great destination names such as .News, .Blog, .Video, etc. All of which positively affects your search engine optimisation.

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big news

Did you know that 50% of the world's top brands now have
their own domain extension? That's GreatCoffee.Starbucks,
Buy.Dell, SellOn.Amazon, Search.Google, 3series.BMW, SpringCollection.Gucci, News.BBC, and many more. New Domains mean a world of options for brands online - web addresses that actually say what's on the site. Names that are
easy to remember and speak more directly to the consumer.

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New domains we have worked with

If you want marketing results in the new top-level domain space, you need to hire DomainDiction. I get calls every day from people claiming to be “marketing experts” but really there is only one group that understands the unique needs of top-level domains and pairs it with a thorough knowledge of marketing and PR. Their smarts, nimbleness and ability to deliver great results on-budget makes them the obvious choice for anyone seeking to promote a new top-level domain.
— Antony Van Couvering, Minds + Machines


The power of a name

Using something meaningful in your online name powerfully affects search and allows your brand to wear as many hats as you fancy. DomainDiction will help you boost your online presence and get you noticed.


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TLD Strategies for Newcomers

If your brand has multiple services, numerous geographic footprints and positioning strategies, a Top Level Domain of your own could be a powerful tool to add to your digital portfolio. Your .Brand gives you a more authoritative online brand, tighter intellectual property control and heightened security and consumer trust. 

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