TLD Marketing Revamped

DomainDiction is here to give new domains a little shove in the direction of Internet-scale marketing. New gTLDs – it’s time to make your mark with real Internet users and demonstrate the actual usage of your name.

DomainDiction has been busy helping many of these new Top Level Domains from behind the scenes for the last two years. However, we still get the odd question “what exactly do you do??”. So we thought we would give you a quick snapshot of what we have been up to all this time. The majority of our work is affiliate and channel marketing strategy (and execution), videos and content production, collateral design and brand ambassador programs.

1. Tactical Marketing Plans using Social Media

There is a formula to selling domain names except now it includes social, search marketing, niche targeting and things the traditional registrar has never attempted (successfully). You know your market better so teach them how to reach it, just do it yourself, or we can help you map out that project plan by timeline and activity. 

2. Content Production: Videos, Infographics & Copy Writing

We work with a handful of London and LA based video producers, together delivering the full range from film concept, script writing, animation, direction and post editing – see some examples.  We have talented copywriters who can effectively frame your brand in articles and blog posts aimed at ICANN industry or external audiences. We are very quick at turnaround – a same day request can be delivered to meet an immediate opportunity you may uncover.

3. Affiliate Channel Development: Recruitment & Management:

Tools – Reseller/Affiliate Buyer Experiences  We focus on explaining how your industry/community will actually use your name. What are the benefits and how will it set their business or web presence apart? Our in-house designers and copywriters produce high quality digital assets that enable a reseller to sell the new domain names as a part of their offering. This extends to banner ads, landing page design or print ready materials.

Events  In addition to organising the odd ICANN TLD launch events we support you with on the ground facilitation and representation at trade show and events. We help you identity and tap into the core of the community’s network through the key influencers on site. Those are your hubs into affiliate resellers and ambassadors of your name(s). We help you track them down and sign them up as affiliates or brand ambassadors for your TLD.

Propensity Mapping – We help identify who should be targeted as affiliate prospects through this clever little tool. It’s our fancy way of saying: These are the top trending people/sites in your niche, here is the type of traffic they see and which visitors are potential domain buyers and why. We will show you where to put your banners based on an existing audience who demonstrate the propensity to buy your TLD and then we help you design the point of sale.

4. Online & Industry Marketing

We offer SEO from Europe’s top search marketing firm in the hosting business (a DomainDiction founding partner) as well as online video marketing (.Uno’s videos got 500,000 hits in the first month). We also do basic traffic generation and web marketing strategy through a series of outstanding partners that we work with to adapt powerful existing strategies to make for accelerated TLD visibility.

5. Registrar/Registry Onboarding

It can be a gruelling process and a sizeable project for you to enable the entire channel to sell your names. We have done this before, we have all the contacts you need and we know how to complete this task in time to launch your TLD from Sunrise through GA. Meet our dedicated RRA process manager Elisabeth Bester on site in London. She was responsible for the project that saw over 30 applications processed through TAS.