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Jennie-marie larsen

Chief Executive Officer

Founder and CEO of DomainDiction Jennie-Marie Larsen is one of the Domain industry’s most experienced and well recognised marketers and communications experts. Larsen has an extensive marketing, PR & business development background in web-based products and services with years of experience launching new businesses through digital marketing and channel management. She entered the domain name industry 14 years ago as Head of Europe for the Neustar registry business and participated in the brand creation, market and media introduction and development of the .BIZ, .US, and ccTLD businesses.

In addition to her extensive experience in Domain Name marketing, Jennie-Marie has worked as a business development and marketing consultant in the Fashion, Digital Music and Telecoms industries. Jennie-Marie is fluent in English, French, German and Norwegian and has an MBA in Strategy & Finance, as well an Associates Degree in Fashion Marketing.

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Jennifer Wolfe

Partner and Board member 

Jennifer Wolfe is an author, digital leader & global brand IP strategist. In response to market demands, Wolfe launched Wolfe Domain, Digital Brand Strategy Advisors in 2012. Working with top global brands in media, technology, retail and consumer goods, she leads strategic planning to help her clients navigate the complex and changing landscape of gTLDs and a new holistic approach to digital strategy. Wolfe’s primary focus is in working with CMOs, CDOs and CLOs alike in crossing over important stakeholder groups to develop a strategy to respond to the most important paradigm shift since the Internet began. As a recent addition to the DomainDiction board of directors, Jen brings contributes her expertise in advising Brands on the strategic use of Top Level Domains for marketing, strategy and digital leadership.

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Jade Hunter

Head of Online Media

As as an advertising graduate, Jade’s first job was with Ogilvy no less, working in the creative department, she learnt the ropes of what it is to service global brand clients. Having also studied Art Direction for film, it has enabled her to work in art departments on various film sets across London. Jade’s diverse skill set includes design, social media content, website creation, branding and advertising concepts and account management, which she uses to great effect with DomainDiction’s TLD clients. Jade has worked in art departments around the world, including her native South Africa, US and Europe. She speaks 3 languages fluently and some dialects of Xhosa which we have yet to find a use for.

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Emmanuel Gimeno

Creative Director

Emmanuel’s multifaceted career has led him to develop a great understanding in the world of Branding. Fashion photographer for over 20 years, he’s been a regular contributor to many cutting-edge magazines such as Spoon and the renown Harper’s Bazaar. Reporter, Graphic Designer, Art Director for the press and various publications, he later became Creative Director for a fashion eyewear brand and most recently, CEVA Pharmaceutical Group. His creative concepts come from his extensive experience in the art and media industry, and today continue to insure that there will be no message without substance and no image without style. Spanish and Italian origin, he is fluent in French and English.


Paula Elliot

Head of UK PR

Paula has an impressive network of International Business and Consumer Media relationships and leads DomainDiction’s PR activities as Managing Director for DomainDiction’s UK operations. Paula joins the team through a merger with the PR firm C8 Consulting, which she founded in 2003. Prior to C8, Paula was a Main Board Director at London PR agency, Kaizo. At Kaizo, Paula ran a B2B division which generated over a third of the company’s income and exceeded all financial targets. Paula and Jennie-Marie both worked together back in 2001 when Paula directed the UK public relations for .BIZ, .US, .com and .cn when Jennie-Marie was head of EMEA for the Neustar registry. Along with her international network of marketing and PR agencies, Paula brings a team of 12 experienced creative and communications professionals to DomainDiction.

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Sarah-Lousie Penhall

Chief Commercial Officer

Sarah’s extensive management experience has been gained providing consulting services and enterprise sales in the finance, pharmaceutical and technology industries with organizations including HSBC, Pfizer, Seimens and Microsoft. Working with both Fortune 500s and SMEs as clients, Sarah has helped them implement expediential growth strategies. By always looking for expansion opportunities and utilizing available business intelligence, Sarah has a proven track record in building and developing business teams within new market sectors.  Sarah works with DomainDiction clients to help implement affiliate marketing and growth strategies through communications programs.

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Alan Sullivan

Big Data Specialist

Alan Sullivan was one of the first pioneers of the DNS. An innovator and technologist who has been directly involved in the technology of the Internet since 1997, right at the inception of the domain name system. He built the registry systems for .biz and .us during his time with Neustar as well as creating one of the very first registrar systems to service the emerging domain name market with Nameengine (Verisign). There are few people that have such deep knowledge of the nuts and bolts of how this industry works at so many levels than Alan, having built a registry, an affiliate network, systems for ISPs, as well as successfully building and launching a startup in this space.


Hugo Idler

Chief Financial Officer and Industry Analyst

Formerly one of Canada’s top financial analysts for Merrill Lynch, Hugo is developing DomainDiction´s Domain Name industry analysis from a marketing, big data and search perspective. With a career ranging from International Diplomacy to founding 3 online businesses, Hugo has a very strategic approach to commercial growth and financial governance. Including an early career as head of investor relations for a wireless Internet technology company and a multinational insurance broker, Hugo has held multiple roles which have keenly developed his CFO skillset. Hugo has a degree in Computing Science as well as an MBA in Finance.