Since 2012, DomainDiction has led the effort to create marketing and communications programs for the New Domains on a global level.

We have worked with most of the major new TLD players and have been at the forefront of this
major change in the way people find and search for things online. 

Our Mission

DomainDiction is a boutique marketing and PR consultancy dedicated to Top Level Domains. We are specialists in delivering effective outsourced marketing and usage programs for existing and new TLDs. As a boutique agency, we work closely with our clients who range from multi-portfolio new gTLD applicants to new entrepreneurs that have recently entered the world of Top Level Domains.

Conversant in many languages, we provide International clients with a direct strategy roll out into key European and North American markets. Our unique strength lies in our ability to quickly understand a TLDs strategic positioning and devise a communications program that realises and translates that intent into registrations.

We draw on the experience and insight of our multi-national team, carefully selected from the domain name, Internet and digital marketing industries to ensure best of breed expertise and years of experience marketing TLDs and web-based products. CEO Jennie-Marie Larsen is a veteran of domain name marketing and former Head of Europe for the Neustar Registry. The team is comprised of an unrivalled pool of talent, combining many years of experience working with top global brands, TLD registries, registrars, resellers, and end user corporate and non-corporate brand marketing. Privately owned, we operate independently from any domain name registry or registrar ensuring complete neutrality.

 Indexing of the Internet

With the launch of over 1000 new gTLDs, this will change everything about how we find and search for things online. DomainDiction is the only marketing and PR agency solely dedicated to the domain industry. We know this landscape and see where it's going.

Our focused approach

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We create action oriented strategic marketing and communications plans for both the registrar channel and your niche audiences. And then we help you execute on those plans.

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When using this extremely powerful communications channel you need to deliver value to the community in order to generate interest and following. We show you how to translate the TLD message into a value proposition that attracts a genuine audience that can’t be artificially won but will drive actual registrations.

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We develop communications and web-based marketing programs to reach your niche audience and generate sales through dedicated sales sites, social media campaigns and strategic affiliate partnerships.

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Our team of industry experts have some of the most extensive network of contacts within the domain industry, ICANN community as well as the brand applicant sector. We can make introductions and help you develop the relationships you need.

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Our team of 12 PR professionals have the International business and consumer media relationships you need and the necessary understanding of your business to create the pitch that will get you media coverage.

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We have designers, creative writers and web developers who can create the materials and messages you need to communicate with each of your audiences, from media, to registrars and registrants.