Will new domain extensions be to the Internet what cable was to television?

Just as kids today may not be able to picture a world with only three TV channels, soon we may live in a time where we couldn't imagine living with so few channels of the Internet.

If you’re a small business or consumer, you may have seen or heard something about new domain extensions and be wondering "why should I care?" It’s a fair question, particularly in light of all the press about .SUCKS and .PORN capturing concerns and dollars from celebrities. I can give you a lot of reasons why you should care about these new domains, but let me tell you a story first.

Jennifer Wolfe joins the DomainDiction board

DomainDiction, the premier PR and marketing agency dedicated to the domain industry, is pleased to announce that Jennifer Wolfe, the world’s leading expert on TLDs for brands, will be joining the DomainDiction board of directors. As a valuable new addition Jennifer will provide vital strategic guidance and experience with the C-suite among top global brands who are currently launching and creating strategy around their Top Level Domains.

TLD Marketing Revamped

TLD Marketing Revamped

DomainDiction is here to give new domains a little shove in the direction of Internet-scale marketing. New gTLDs – it’s time to make your mark with real Internet users and demonstrate the actual usage of your name.

DomainDiction has been busy helping many of these new Top Level Domains from behind the scenes for the last two years. However, we still get the odd question “what exactly do you do??”. So we thought we would give you a quick snapshot of what we have been up to all this time. The majority of our work is affiliate and channel marketing strategy (and execution), videos and content production, collateral design and brand ambassador programs.